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Paleokastritsa, Corfu

Paleokаstritsa is оnе οf the most pоpular resοrts of Cоrfu, situatеd οn the west coаst and кnоwn as thе mοst beаutiful plaсe of thе island. It is located аbоut 30 km frοm thе сapital Cοrfu Town, surrоunded by greеn hills οn the bacкground оf brilliаnt blue sеa. Its sceniс coastlinе is rich in rосk fοrmаtions, sea caves аnd tiny bеaches, and breаthtaкing viеws are revеаled frоm almοst anу plасe of thе resоrt.

The rеsort is large аnd yоu can find all уοu neеd for yоur hοlidаy, although everуthing is a bit sсаttеred and distances in it аrе nоt quite shοrt. Therе are sevеrаl large hotels and mаny small familу hоtеls with studiοs to rent аnd villas. Therе are cаfes, fish tavеrns and restаurants and mаny bars. On the top оf a hill аbοvе the sea you can visit thе beаutifullу painted Palеоkаstritsa Mοnastery from 17th сentury.


The beaches of the resort are several in number, bays with narrow strips of sand and/or pebbles. These are Agia Triada, Platakia, Alipa, Agios Spyridon (the central beach), Agios Petros and Ambelaki. Except for Ambelaki, in the summer they are all organized with sunbeds and parasols. Between the beaches there are other spots for swimming or snorkeling like La Grotta and Verderosa, and some of the villas and hotels have direct access to the sea. In the rocks around the beaches there are caves that can be visited by boat (like the Yellow Submarine boat with its glass bottom). Water sports and diving lessons are available and daily boat trips are organized to secluded beaches in the area.

About 7 km above Paleokastritsa, after the village of Lakones, you will find the so called Bella Vista – a spot with panoramic view of the picturesque coast around. highlights: scenic coastline with beaches, sea caves and rock formations, village in Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

Agia Triada

Agia Triada is one of the beaches of Paleokastritsa, below the Akrotiri Beach Hotel. It lies opposite the harbor of Alipa and is the most organized beach of the resort – there are sunbeds, parasols, changing cabins, showers and some water sports available. The sand is mixed with pebbles around the shore, and the bottom is covered with flat rocks at some places.


Probably the least known beach of Paleokastritsa, as there are no signboards and usually you see it once you have passed the invisible path leading down to it. Actually, from the road you will not see the beach itself but the transparent and amazing blue water with or without people swimming in it.

In order to reach Platakia, you need to take the narrow path down to Dolphin restaurant. The beach is just a narrow strip of pebbles without any facilities, there are pebbles and rocks in the water as well but the sea is very calm. You`d better visit this beach with a mask and flippers.


Alipa is the harbor of Paleokastritsa, Corfu, located in the center of the resort. It has a small strip of sand just next to the pier and it is called Alipa beach. The coastline in this part of Paleokastritsa is crescent-shaped and overlooks the beaches Agia Triada and Platakia.

Many boat trips are organized from the harbor to the inaccessible beaches around Paleokastritsa and Liapades, as well as to the blue caves and scenic seashore of the area. For this reason few people come here for swimming and the beach is usually not much populated. The place is sheltered from winds and the sea is like a mirror most of the time, very good for snorkeling around the surrounding rocks. Behind Alipa there are a few restaurants and studios to rent.

Agios Spyridon

Agios Spyridon is one of the beaches of Paleokastritsa, Corfu. Note that there is one more Agios Spyridon beach but it is on the northeast coast of the island close to Acharavi and both are very different places.

Agios Spyridon is the main and largest beach of Paleokastritsa, located under the famous monastery. It lies in a crescent shaped bay protected from wind and waves, surrounded by high cliffs from both sides. It is long but narrow and gets really crowded because it has less sunbeds and much free space than the other beaches of the resort. Agios Spyridon has fine soft sand but in the water there are small pebbles. The sea is crystal clear, with saturated light and dark hues typical for the seashore around Paleokastritsa.

Agios Petros

Agios Petros is one of the beaches of Paleokastritsa, located on the small peninsula dominated by the famous monastery. It is very close to Agios Spyridonas beach but both are on the opposite sides of the peninsula.

Agios Petros is small (less than 80 meters in lenght), covered with sand mixed with pebbles, and the sea bottom is rocky as well. There are cliffs with sea caves from both sides of the beach and it is nice for swimming and snorkeling. In the summer sunbeds and parasols to rent are available and the place gets crowded. Behind Agios Petros is the large public parking of Paleokastritsa.


Ambelaki (Ampelaki) is a one of the less known beaches of Paleokastritsa, located at the outskirts of the resort. It lies in a small bay next to Agios Petros beach, surrounded by the same rocks and transparent blue water.

Ambelaki is much quieter and isolated than the rest beaches of the resort. There is a boat rental company operating on the beach and you can hire a boat to explore all the beaches in the area which are not accessible by car or on foot.


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